Saengchai Kanchang Ltd.,Part. Found in 1983, specializes in produce saturated steam, low-pressure steam, Sangchai Steel Works Co.,Ltd. Has expanded its activities so extremely in 2003. We are Thailand manufacturer of steam boiler in the brand of SK-Boiler.
Since the establishment of the Company twenty odd years ago, the Company by its Continuous development and exploiting,products and markets has being perfected in Further. The present products include the industrial boiler of three categories in three varieties, i.e. the boilers of stream, hot water and oil-heating conductor by burning all Kinds of coal, Oil fuel/gas or water pasty coal etc.Now, Our products are well sold in the whole country through thirty odd sales agencies covering the whole territory. Along with the globe economic tide.
The SK-Boiler people shall always respect sincerity and business reputation as the root of marketing and always purse the market-leading for our technology and product quality,as well as perfect our service and sales guide as the key for consolldaing our Market as well. SK-Boiler People shall abide the aim of perfecting the interest of clients as our liability so as to serve the society by our heart.